Black Bear Tang Soo Do



The name of the art we study. Literally, “The way of the defensive and offensive hand.” “Tang” defensive and offensive. “Soo” hand. “Do” the way.


Senior Dan Member, 4th degree or above. Title of high respect, indicated by a Midnight Blue Belt with a Red stripe lengthwise through the center. Requires intense training (at least 13 years) and special testing.


Teacher or Instructor of Tang Soo Do.

General Terminology Commands in Training
Tang Soo DoName of the art we study Ku RyungCount
Moo Duk KwanName of the organization Ky Ryung E Mat Cho SoBy the count
Soo Bahk DoAncient name of the Korean martial art Ky Ryung Up ShiWithout the count
Kwang Jang(Nim)Grandmaster Cha RyutAttention
Sa Bom(Nim)Instructor Kyung RetBow
NimTerm of respect similar to “Sir” or “Honorable” Choon BeReady
Sun BehSenior member Shi-JookBegin
Hu BehJunior member Ba-RoReturn
DanDegree, holder of midnight blue color ShioRelax/Rest
GupGrade, holder of color belt Gu ManStop
Ko Dan JaSenior dan holder ToraTurn
Yu Dan JaDan holder Dwi Ro ToraTurn to rear
Yu Gup JaGup holder Bal Cha Gi Choon BeReady to kick
Kwan WonStudent member Ko Map Sum Ni DaThank you
Cho Bo JaBeginner Cho Man E OhYou are welcome
Do JangTraining hall/studio Commands in Starting and Closing Class
Do BahkUniform Cha RyutAttention
DeeBelt Kuk Gi Bay RayBow to flag
Kuk GiNational flag of Korea Ba-RoReturn
Kwan GiTang Soo Do flag Ahn JoSit
Gi ChoBasic Muk NyumMeditation
HyungForm Ba-RoReturn
Deh RyunSparring Cha RyutAttention
Ho Sin SulSelf-defense Sa Bom Nim Kay Kyung RetBow to senior instructor
Kyuck PaBreaking Kyo Sa Nim Kay Kyung RetBow to instructor
Soo GiHand Techniques Shim Sa Kwan Nim Kay Kyung RetBow to judge or examiner
Jok GiFoot Techniques Kwang Jang Nim Kay Kyung RetBow to grandmaster
Neh GungInternal power or control in exercise When the command to bow to the instructor is given, all members say with clarity, “Ko Map Sum Ni Da”(Thank you sir) to the instructor.
Weh GungExternal power or control in exercise 
Shim GungSpiritual power or control in exercise 
Mahk KeeBlock Anatomy
Kong KyuckAttack PahlArm
Ha DanLow part BahlFoot
Choong DanMiddle part Chu MokFist
Sang DanHigh part MokNeck
AhpFront Hur RiWaist
YupSide Da RiLeg
DwiBack SohnHand
Cha GiKick Pal CoopElbow
Ki HapYell (focus mind/energy) Moo RoopKnee
Shi SunFocus of eyes EemaForehead
Choong ShimBalance TuckChin
Chung KwonForefist Myung ChiSolar plexis
Cap KwonBackfist In ChoongBetween mouth and nose
Soo DoKnifehand Dan JunLower Abdomen
Yuk Soo DoRidgehand Ko HwanGroin
Kwan SooSpearhand   
Jung KwonHeal of palm   
Kwon DoBottom of fist   
O Rin JokRight   
Wen JokLeft