Black Bear Tang Soo Do


Entering the Dojang

Upon entering the Do Jang (karate school), students either in a dobak (uniform) or in street clothes shall salute the flags and bow to the instructor on the floor as soon as they enter the Do Jang. This will be done without exception. Students do not have to wait for the instructor to acknowledge the bow if the instructor is busy.

Students should salute the flags and bow to the senior Black Belts and Masters immediately. This should be done without exception. Stuents do not have to wait for Black Belts or Masters to acknowledge their bows.

Starting Class

The instructor will stand at the front and center of the class. All other (Gups, Black Belts, and Masters) will line up behind this person, according to rank and seniority. Lines will be evenly numbered and form with seniors to the right.

NOTE: Black Belts and Masters should use their Dan numbers to distinguish seniority, particularly in large events such as tournaments and camps.

The highest ranking member, besides the instructor, will call out the following commands:

  • Cha Ryut – (Attention!)
  • Song Cho Ki Ba Ray – (Salute the American flag)
  • Ba Ro – (Return)
  • Muk Nyum – (Meditation)
  • Sa Bom Nim Kay Kyung Ret – (Bow to the Instructor)
  • Ba Ro – (Return)

During Class

The traditions and rules of Tang Soo Do should be followed at all times. Proper respect and discipline shall be maintained at all times.

When the Chief Instructor of the school enters the Do Jang, the instructor on the floor or the highest ranking student in the class should call the class to attention and have the class bow to the instructor.

When a student comes to class late: student should wait until he is recognized by the instructor; student should approach the instructor, bow and ask permission to join the class.

When a student must leave the Do Jang during training, he should first ask permission from the instructor. (unless there is an emergency, eg. Bleeding or vomiting) – If a student has to ask the instructor anything, he must first approach a senior student to gain permission. The chain of command should be instituted and not breached for any reason. A student should never approach the instructor directly.

There should be an absence of unnecessary noise in the Do Jang. Students should remain silent, especially during forms and free fighting.

Students seated on the sidelines should remain still so as not to disturb any students on the floor.

Students and spectators are prohibited from chewing gum or smoking in the Do Jang.

Dismissing Class

Students should line up by seniority and rank. The instructor should be centered in the front. The highest ranking member will call the commands:

  • Cha Ryut – (Attention!)
  • Song Cho Ki Ba Ray – (Salute the American flag)
  • Muk Nyum – (Meditation)
  • Sa Bom Nim Kay Kyung Ret – (Bow to the Instructor)

Korean Terminology

Students and instructors should use the Korean Terminology Tang Soo Do at all times.

Salutation: Much importance should be attached to salutation. It is an integral part of Tang Soo Do.

While training one should pay respect to the instructors, senior members and opponents. The student should not lose prudence, self control, patience or composition. Before and after exercise or tests; the participants should turn around (to the right) adjust their Do Bok and make the correct salutation to their instructor or opponent.


While seated on the floor, members should keep proper posture conducive to good health. Hands should be placed on the knees, the back should be straight: and the legs should be crossed.

Do Jang Clothing Etiquette

During practice, students should observe decorum and orderliness. The Do Jang should always be kept clean and well ventilated. Students should not remove Do Bak uniform top and walk around wearing Do Bak pants and a T-shirt particularly during formal functions such as testing, tournaments and clinics. If you are changing clothes, please do so and don’t walk around half undressed.