The name of the art we study. Literally, “The way of the defensive and offensive hand.” “Tang” defensive and offensive. “Soo” hand. “Do” the way.

SA BOM (NIM)  – Senior Dan Member, 4th degree or above. Title of high respect, indicated by a Midnight Blue Belt with a Red stripe lengthwise through the center. Requires intense training (at least 13 years) and special testing.

KYO SA (NIM) -fied Teacher or Instructor of Tang Soo Do.

General Terminology Commands in Training
Tang Soo Do Name of the art we study Ku Ryung Count
Moo Duk Kwan Name of the organization Ky Ryung E Mat Cho So By the count
Soo Bahk Do Ancient name of the Korean martial art Ky Ryung Up Shi Without the count
Kwang Jang(Nim) Grandmaster Cha Ryut Attention
Sa Bom(Nim) Instructor Kyung Ret Bow
Nim Term of respect similar to “Sir” or “Honorable” Choon Be Ready
Sun Beh Senior member Shi-Jook Begin
Hu Beh Junior member Ba-Ro Return
Dan Degree, holder of midnight blue color Shio Relax/Rest
Gup Grade, holder of color belt Gu Man Stop
Ko Dan Ja Senior dan holder Tora Turn
Yu Dan Ja Dan holder Dwi Ro Tora Turn to rear
Yu Gup Ja Gup holder Bal Cha Gi Choon Be Ready to kick
Kwan Won Student member Ko Map Sum Ni Da Thank you
Cho Bo Ja Beginner Cho Man E Oh You are welcome
Do Jang Training hall/studio Commands in Starting and Closing Class
Do Bahk Uniform Cha Ryut Attention
Dee Belt Kuk Gi Bay Ray Bow to flag
Kuk Gi National flag of Korea Ba-Ro Return
Kwan Gi Tang Soo Do flag Ahn Jo Sit
Gi Cho Basic Muk Nyum Meditation
Hyung Form Ba-Ro Return
Deh Ryun Sparring Cha Ryut Attention
Ho Sin Sul Self-defense Sa Bom Nim Kay Kyung Ret Bow to senior instructor
Kyuck Pa Breaking Kyo Sa Nim Kay Kyung Ret Bow to instructor
Soo Gi Hand Techniques Shim Sa Kwan Nim Kay Kyung Ret Bow to judge or examiner
Jok Gi Foot Techniques Kwang Jang Nim Kay Kyung Ret Bow to grandmaster
Neh Gung Internal power or control in exercise When the command to bow to the instructor is given, all members say with clarity, “Ko Map Sum Ni Da”(Thank you sir) to the instructor.
Weh Gung External power or control in exercise
Shim Gung Spiritual power or control in exercise
Mahk Kee Block Anatomy
Kong Kyuck Attack Pahl Arm
Ha Dan Low part Bahl Foot
Choong Dan Middle part Chu Mok Fist
Sang Dan High part Mok Neck
Ahp Front Hur Ri Waist
Yup Side Da Ri Leg
Dwi Back Sohn Hand
Cha Gi Kick Pal Coop Elbow
Ki Hap Yell (focus mind/energy) Moo Roop Knee
Shi Sun Focus of eyes Eema Forehead
Choong Shim Balance Tuck Chin
Chung Kwon Forefist Myung Chi Solar plexis
Cap Kwon Backfist In Choong Between mouth and nose
Soo Do Knifehand Dan Jun Lower Abdomen
Yuk Soo Do Ridgehand Ko Hwan Groin
Kwan Soo Spearhand
Jung Kwon Heal of palm
Kwon Do Bottom of fist
O Rin Jok Right
Wen Jok Left