About Us

Our Mission:
To provide a facility and instruction for martial arts, general fitness and well being. To assist each person in self improvement, and to pave a path for the journey of well being that martial arts and fitness can provide.

Black Bear Martial Arts and Fitness Center has something for everyone.


  • Afterschool programs for kids
  • A state of the art fitness facility
  • Aerobic and kettle bell classes
  • A Zen garden
  • A massage room
  • A homework room
  • A state of the art sound system.
  • bamboo flooring
  • zebra mats
  • wall pads
  • wi fi to keep parents productive
  • locker rooms with showers
    and more …

About the Owner

Ted Greenblott, who is the owner and chief instructor of the Tang Soo Do program at Black Bear Martial Arts Center had a vision was to bring a complete Martial Arts Center to Sandpoint that offered not only Martial Arts programs, but a variety of non martial art programs.

Ted began Tang Soo Do training at the age of 14 in Framingham Massachusetts under the guise of the American Tang Soo Do association founder Grand Master Richard Byrne. After moving away from Massachusetts, Mr. Greenblott continued martial arts training with many talented and accomplished martial artists. He credits many for the accomplishments and accolades that he owns.

His journey to Idaho reunited him with The American Tang Soo Do association after over 10 years away. “It was a natural choice,” said Mr.Greenblott, “School after school kept closing down around me, the ATA has been there since I was a young man. They have been consistent and strong for many decades.”

From the ATA curriculum to the support system that it provides to schools and instructors, Black Bear is honored to be its only Idaho school.

Since its inception in Idaho, Mr.Greenblott has promoted 5 students to Black Belt and has more testing shortly. Black Bear hosts an annual summer camp as well as many seminars with a variety of visiting Master level instructors.

Our Staff

Suzie Coffman

Certified Kettlebell instructor , Suzie’s classes are circuit led Kettlbells with body weight training. Suzie is an accomplished triathlete and competitive runner.

Ted Greenblott

Chief instructor of Tang Soo Do program. Began training in 1984 with the American Tang Soo Do Association. Mr Greenblott is a certified ATA instructor under the founder and late Grandmaster Richard Byrne.

Eldon Renner

Began his training in martial arts with traditional karate and kenjitsu (Japanese art of the sword). Mr Renner heads up the weapons program and is an assistant Tang Soo Do instructor.

Michelle Elliott

Began training in Martial Arts as a teenager in California. Ms.Elliott joined Black Bear in 2009 after relocating to Sandpoint.

Mike McCray

Joined the Black Bear Team in 2012, leading both the Ju- Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts programs.

Mike is a licensed combatant manager and coach.