Press Release Archive

Our facility and the accomplishments of our students have been featured in the news many times, here are some of the highlights!

Black Bear trio bring home gold medals

Black Bear fares well at Coeur d’Alene competition

Black Bear Shines at Tang Soo Do National Competition

Hale wins unanimous decision

Black Bear Tang Soo Do members shine in local tournaments

Locals compete in world championships

Black Bear Martial Arts and Fitness Center

Black Bear Martial Arts Belt Test – March 2015

Student honored for rescuing classmate

Hale, Bonner pick up wins at King of the Cage

Black Bear Tang Soo Do shines in Canada

Black Bear MMA ready for battle

2013 Tang Soo Do training camp a hit

Black Bear students pass recent belt test

Greenblott wins Grand Championship in Boston

Smith wins amateur MMA title in Kamiah

Beware The Flying Kick

Black Bear Tang Soo Do to hold grand opening